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Review for TODI, the Ultimate Diving Experience

Story: Daniela Rodler, Photos: Frank Rossow

In March 2018 I had the great opportunity and pleasure to get organized a freedive mermaid photoshooting at TODI. As an experienced mermaid diver who has already performed at several indoor diving centers all over the world, I was very impressed by everything TODI has to offer.

TODI the Divecenter in Beringen/Belgium

First, to get to TODI is easy by car. The very new and modern building of TODI, equipped with an ingenious water filter system, is situated in an area of historical stone coal exhaustion buildings, which were fascinating to see. The spacious parking area is located directly in front of the TODI main entrance which is very convenient for the transport of mostly heavy diving gear and in my case, for my mermaid silicone tail.

The infrastructure of TODI is very inviting, comfortable and neat. The changing rooms are clean and big enough, and you get a bracelet to open and close the lockers, so there is no need for cash. With an elevator you get to the “experience zone” which includes the main dive tank and two teaching pools.

Photoshoot with Daniela

Daniela the fish-whisperer

Before you get to the main tank, a stepping-through basin ensures disinfection and therefore make sure that the numerous fish stay safe.
The 10-meter-deep water of the main tank contains beautiful structures which gave me great pleasure to pose for my underwater photographer – Frank Rossow ( – and made me feel like being in Atlantis. Of all indoor diving centers, TODI has most to offer to a mermaid. The depth is perfect for freedivers as well as for scuba divers. Each depth level can be reached easily by the structures within the pool. The caves, the underwater bar, rocks, “Atlantian” columns, trees, car wrecks, mines and other decorative elements cannot be found at any other place so perfectly suitable for a photoshooting adventure as well as things you can explore as a scuba diver.

What´s more and surely unique to indoor diving centers are the 30 species of different sized fishes swimming around the divers at TODI. They have beautiful glowing colors and are very curious. For me, interacting with the fish gave me some of the most amazing experiences in my mermaid life, because you rarely get the opportunity to be so close to the fish, which were fearless and used to swim curiously near to me.

It is an almost tropical adventure because you can study the fish in crystal clear water instead of a murky lake. Since the fish are fresh water species, the tank does not contain chlorine or other chemical substances, which is also amazing for underwater modelling without goggles.

Using the TODI pool for freediving was more than comfortable. The water temperature of 23 degrees Celsius is perfect, even for non-wetsuit divers like me. It was possible to be in the pool for one hour without freezing.
You always feel safe. There’s a desk in front of the main tank where dive instructors watch carefully over the people in the tank to make sure they are ok. In case of emergency the staff are ready to immediately jump in. For maximum protection and safety, the installed underwater cameras help them work even more efficiently.
As mentioned before, TODI is very attractive for scuba divers as well. The diving equipment is new and of a very good quality brand. The diving suits and jackets are carefully stored, fins and weights are placed in labelled boxes. There are also shelves where towels and other things can be placed during the stay. The dives and diving courses are very professionally organized and have great standard; instructors and other personnel are highly qualified, friendly and helpful.

The restaurant (brasserie and bar) at TODI is at ground floor. It is very attractive and comfortable with nautical decorative elements which I personally enjoyed very much. Service is good, and you even get vegetarian food and small bites between the dives.
Next to all these things I was most impressed with the kindliness and cooperativeness of the TODI team who did everything to maximize our personal comfort and the success of our photoshooting project. I was more than happy with the outcome and went home with a feeling of joy, adventure and delight of having been at a most unique and amazing place. I look forward to coming again very soon!

If you ever like to dive at TODI – here you find more information.

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